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2021 Data Innovation Award Nomination: Pitney Bowes: Enabling the company with data insights

Former Employee

What were the underlying reasons for the need of data? Describe the business and technical challenges the company was facing and how data integrations can help.

Some of major reasons data was needed were:
a) Data provided information about how a company was doing in terms of it’s products, sales, revenue,
b) Data provided insights into Customer behavior, Customer usage pattern on Products
c) Using Data you could make decision for future growth and expansion
d) Data provided insights into various business process performance and how that impacted the business
Business always wanted more and more data to understand this and a lot of time without appropriate integration platforms or products it was difficult to gather, consolidate and process data

Describe your data strategy and how you executed the strategy. Include details on how SnapLogic played a role in the strategy and execution, including Snaps and other SnapLogic products/features.

PB had a lot of Teams /Business Units units gathering data from various Source systems like Salesforce, SAP_HANA, GUAM, OKTA, etc to create individual analysis related to Performance, Sales, Revenue, Growth, Customer Satisfaction, Product Subscriptions, Authentication etc. Due to this each team used to use their own set of tools for integrating with these source system and gather the data into their own repository and a lot of times even though multiple teams were getting the same data the analysis would be different as teams may be gathering the data in different frequency, different logic, etc causing questions on the validity of the data. So PB started searching for an Integration Platform that not will be able to Integrate with all the above mentioned sources but also create a single repository of the data from where the teams can use it. So PB invested in an AWS based S3 Data Lake and selected SnapLogic Integration Platform to gather the data from these source system into the Data Lake. Also when the need to combined data from these system increased PB invested in a Enterprise Cloud Based Datawarehouse - Snowflake so that people can easily combine and share analysis and insights with other in the company./ SnapLogic also had a very rich integration with Snowflake and that made this extremely efficient and beneficial to PB journey.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution? (Please include the # of FTEs, any partners or SnapLogic professional services who were involved on the implementation)

Myself along with 2 of my colleagues handled the initial Implementation who basically were responsible in developing and migrating the existing business process. There was assistance provided by SnapLogic Support team. We created various automated reusable templates which allowed teams even today to move their data from any source to any destination. We created configuration templates that these automated template pipeline uses to perform the Data movement. Error Trapping and automated Correction including Automated Retry were built into the templates. Today Pitney Bowes has nearly 250-300 users creating solution using the SnapLogic Platform.

What were the business results after achieving this data strategy? Describe how your company, departments, and/or employees/customers benefit from the data, and include any measurable metrics.

We started the journey with a Handful of people using the Platform and only accessing a couple of source system at the start. Today PB has nearly 25+ system integrated using SnapLogic and around 20+ business Units with more than 300+ employees actively using SnapLogic Integration platform. The turn around time of sourcing data from the Source system and gathering them in our S3 Data Lake and Enterprise Data warehouse has significantly improved from a few days to a few hours. Some of the core Data Movement Integration are developed, QA’d and Implemented in Production in less than 2 hours resulting in tremendous savings in Time and Effort. Additional metrics are shown in the attached PDF.

Anything else you would like to add?

In today’s world Data determines whether the company knows it’s business, it’s customers, it’s vendors, it’s competitors, etc. Companies having a rich access to data always are one step ahead than their competition. Also Data comes in various forms and sources and SnapLogic Integration Platform provides the Technology and Features that make a Data Strategy for any Companies a reality by allowing access to gather the data from numerous sources and integrate to numerous destination with a very Easy, Flexible, Robust and Non-Programming like Platform.

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