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Discover What's New in the SnapLogic April 2024 Release!


We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the SnapLogic April 2024 Release. Here are the main highlights:

Generative Integration GenAI Builder 

  • Expand your LLM integration use cases with the Amazon Bedrock Snap Pack 

Platform and Connectivity SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform 

  • Do more automation with our public APIs for user provisioning and asset migration
  • New Activity log available in Monitor 
  • Snaps SnapLogic Snaps 
    • New MongoDB Execute Snap adds more coverage for data operations
    • NetSuite Snap Pack with AddList and Async AddList Snaps allows you to perform operations more efficiently.
    • SQL server Snap Pack now supports spatial data types and XML

Composable Enterprise with API Management SnapLogic API Management and Development 

  • Automation of user management for the developer portal with public API to approve user accounts

Enterprise Data Orchestration with AutoSync SnapLogic AutoSync 

  • One click operation to remove a table that fails to load from a data pipeline

You can learn all about the exciting features in the April release by browsing our release notes section.  We invite you to explore these new features and enhancements firsthand on the SnapLogic platform.