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The Winter 2017 (4.8) release is now available on our UAT Platform

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Platform Release Notes

Security Enhancements

  • Password requirements enhanced to included minimum characters, restricted items, and complexity. See Changing Your Password for details of the new password requirements.
  • User Session Timeout Policy added to the Settings page of Manager. The settings in this section let the org admin configure a user session timeout policy for both a client idle timeout and session token duration. See Timeouts for more information.


An Info tab was added to the Tasks dialog to contain a Notes field.

  • An Info tab was added to the Accounts dialog to contain a Notes field.

  • Snap Pack Upload permission: Any user can upload Snap Packs to the global shared project.

Expression Language Updates

  • Added support for Expression Libraries, accessible from the Pipeline Properties.
  • Note: This functionality is not supported in Spark mode.
  • Arrow functions added to expression language. This allows for custom expression language functions to be created.
  • Information on adding comments to your expressions was added to Expression Language Overview
  • lib variable added to Global functions. This global variable contains the imported expression libraries.
  • filter added to Object. This creates a new object that retains some properties from the original as specified by the given callback.
  • mapKeys added to Object. This transforms the names of properties in an object using a callback.
  • mapValues added to Object. This transform the names of properties in an object using a callback.
  • filter added to Array. This returns a new array containing only the elements for which the given callback returned true.
  • find added to Array. This returns the first element found for which the given callback returns true.
  • findIndex added to Array. This returns the index of the first element for which the given callback returns true.
  • map added to Array. This returns a new array comprised of the specified array joined with the arrays or values provided as arguments.
  • reduce added to Array. This reduces an array to a single value using the given callback.
  • reduceRight added to Array. This is like the reduce() method, except the elements are traversed right-to-left instead of left-to-right.
  • sort added to Array. This returns a new array comprised of this array joined with the arrays or values provided as arguments.
  • fromCharCode added as a string Static Method. This returns a string created by using the specified sequence of Unicode values.
  • localeCompare added to String. This compares the specified string to another and returns a number that represents the sort order.

Public APIs
Documentation of the Activity API is now available.


  • Toolbar and icon changes.
  • The toolbar has changed to display less buttons initially and an option to display all.
  • The order of icons has changed.

The icons for the following functions changed:

  • Pipeline Properties
  • Copy
  • Versions
  • Zoom to Fit

Functionality change: Validation separated from Save.

  • New Validate pipeline icon in the toolbar. Clicking the Validate pipeline icon validates the pipeline. If the pipeline has unsaved changes, it will be saved first. Clicking the icon while a validation is in process cancels that validation.
  • The Auto-validate option in User Settings was modified to now toggle between save and save plus validate when saving a Snap info box. Within the Mapper Snap, you will need to click Validate at the pipeline level to trigger a validation.
  • Note: When copying, moving or importing a pipeline, opening pipeline in the canvas, or logging in, auto-validation will not be triggered. It will be triggered only when saving the pipeline, a Snap inside the pipeline, or pipeline properties.


  • Asset search added to Manager. Once found, each asset entry label has a context menu that includes the actions available for that asset type and a view asset in project entry.
  • When creating a user, you can now disable sending the Welcome email notifications.
  • Setting CORS domain whitelist
  • Org admin can enter a list of domains that can access slsched rest endpoints
  • The value entered by the org admin will appear in the Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header for slsched requests
  • Configurable maximum wait time before restart added to Update Snaplex dialog.


Snaplex Management: Nodes can be sent into maintenance mode. This prevents additional jobs from being sent to that node.

Big Data

  • Environment checks for Hadooplex.
  • Error Handling enabled for Spark Mode for:
  • Sequence Formatter
  • Sequence Parser
  • Filter
  • CSV Parser
  • CSV Formatter
  • Mapper

Snap Release Notes

See for the full details.