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Active Directory Search snap does not search arrays as expected

New Contributor II

Using the Active Directory Search Snap, when specifying an AD group, i expect the search to look through the array of groups for each ‘user’ / ‘mail’ but it does not. Instead, it looks at the first ‘memberOf’ value for each email address rather than searching the full array.

For example, if the following users exist and linked to the groups below:,[GroupA,GroupB,GroupC,GroupD],[ GroupA,GroupB,GroupC,GroupD]

When we do a search for all those on Group C, no results will return. When we do a search for all those on GroupA, all the above emails will be returned.

Has anyone experienced the same and what was the workaround?


New Contributor III

I’m experiencing the same thing. We are looking at specific people to get complete “Member of” list. But only one group is being returned even when the person is in multiple groups.

@robert_parks we have logged this as a bug with Snaplogic support as it is a bug. We awaiting on a update on the cause and fix.

It may be worth doing the same from your side to help raise the priority and for them to understand the impact.

Admin Admin

@robert_parks, I’ve added you to the ticket in Development, but it wouldn’t hurt to let Support know as well. The issue is in review.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

New Contributor III

I’ll do so today!