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Read .txt file with HTML code for email body to send an email

Hello, I am trying to configure an email sender snap which has reads the HTML code for the body of the email downstream. Currently, the HTML is in a .txt file in the groundplex, therefore I am using file reader to pick up the file but I do not know h...

NickE by New Contributor II
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SQL server unable to validate

Hi Team I am getting error while validating SQL server account from snaplogic which will connect to SQL server with windows 2003. And getting error as below, can any one help me on this please. Failed to validate account: Failed to retrieve a databas...

Editing JSON for CSVParser to add hundreds of headers

Continuing the discussion from CSV Parser, no headers, hundreds of columns: I edited/added the Column Names to CSVParser snap for snaplogic pipeline and when uploaded it as a new file, all of them were empty however those number of fields were added ...

anayak by New Contributor III
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CSV Parser, no headers, hundreds of columns

I have a CSV that has hundreds of columns but no headers. This means that I would manually have to add hundreds of columns to the CSV parser snap but this is a huge pain because there are no keyboard shortcuts and I have to manually scroll to the top...

XSD file in XML Generator snap

I found a bug with the XML Generator that I’d like to share. The XSD file that it is used in the XML Generator seems to be “cached”, the changes you make in the xsd file is not recognized by the snap. I tried to change a field type for instance: I de...

Invalid error for string field

hi team, i am getting the below error for simple string column first_name , while reading just loading csv file to snowflake table . is this a problem of snaps , as per error below , it is recommending below resolution Resolution: Please file a def...

mangeshj by New Contributor
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