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ZipFile Writer - Create a zip file without writing to SLDB

New Contributor II

I am trying to create a PGP encrypted zip file containing sensitive information. I have found a way to achieve this but it involves:

  1. ZipFile Writer to write an unencrypted zip file to the SLDB
  2. File Reader to read the unencrypted binary from the SLDB
  3. PGP Encrypt to encrypt the binary output
  4. File Writer to write the encrypted zip file to the SLDB
  5. Delete File to clean up the unencrypted zip file from step 1

See below screenshot for an example.


Does anybody know of a way to produce a zip file without first writing to the SLDB and reading it back? I am trying to avoid storing sensitive information in the SLDB, even for a brief duration. The ZipFile Writer does not support binary output.