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I wanted to save the email read from the Email Reader snap

I have a requirement to read the emails from a mail box on outlook. After I read the email, I have to save the email content(along with attachments) in a .eml format on the disk and transfer it to other applications in my pipeline. Is there anyway to...

srao by New Contributor
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Box account with our own Box connected app

Hi, Today while creating the Box account, SnapLogic internally uses a connected app in Box (client_id=4y9mpks2hql3xchpudijkct1vfhwwklx), it is not possible to override this with our own connected app. Due to this at the Box side all the API calls are...

Resolved! How to find the Email sender Snap in organization

Hi All, I could’t see the Email sender Snap in my Oraganization, How to find the Email sender Snap pack. do we need to raise any request for this in Snaplogic Support ? Please help me on this issue. Thanks, kullayappa

Kullay by New Contributor III
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Query Bloat

I cannot find anything anywhere about how to query a database efficiently. By that I mean if I have a json object with a bunch of id fields, all query snaps (JDBC in my case) seem to query for each item in the object and I cannot find anything on ho...

shane by New Contributor II
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Salesforce Outbound Message Notification

A key feature in Salesforce is the ability to send outbound notifications upon changes to assets - such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, etc. This can be useful for real-time integrations with external systems. To implement this feature, as a prerequis...

REST : Access Token Grant Type "Password Credentials"

All, We’ve a requirement to integrate with a reporting system. To get the ACCESS TOKEN the system supports Grant Type as ‘Password Credentials’ with REST account type is REST OAuth2, Looks like SL only supports Grant Type as ‘Authorization Code’. If...

vyasyash by New Contributor III
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Not able to load the updated SAP RFC changes

Hi Team, We are using SAP Execute snap pack for execution. Now added new fields to SAP RFC side. But now while calling this same RFC in SnapLogic it’s showing old fields only. New fields are not populated. SAP side everything is fine. Verified. Pleas...

SachinS by New Contributor
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