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Multiple Accounts + getAccountVariableValue

Hi, This may be a dumb java question, I’m trying to call “getAccountVariableValue” from my snap code, but can’t do it unless I put my actual class in parentheses around the call. So for example, instead of this: snapAccount.getAccountVariableValue();...

Enhancement request: extending snap packs

I mentioned this at a prior meeting, but I want to flag it in here as well. It’d really be great to augment already existing snap packs. Take Box for example, the Snap Pack’s feature set is quite tiny compared to that of the API. I’d love to levera...

Parser issue with size

I am trying to parse 600MB files using json parser, file reader reads the file but json parser runs into following error - Failure: Cannot parse JSON data, Reason: Exception while reading document from the stream, SLDB does not support data larger th...

ryagnik by New Contributor
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Python script: Move

Hello, I’m new to using Snaplogic and have gotten struck trying to integrate my python script into the script snap. Purpose: Use python script in Script snap to move files and update the name with a timestamp. Pipeline variables: fsrc, fdst, fname. ...

Are you using SAP Snap Pack?

Hello, Does anyone use SAP snap pack in production today. (SAP Snap Integration | SnapLogic) We are planning to use SAP snap pack to integrate with SAP, Would like to get some feedback on these snaps. Thanks, Prakash

psadasivam by New Contributor III
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Old snap versions still active even after redeploying snap pack

Hi, I’m deploying a new version of my snap pack and I’d like to know what changes need to be made to the pom.xml to guarantee that a new version of a snap is picked up by SnapLogic. I’m playing around with the sl_build and VERSION numbers in the pom....

omair by Contributor
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