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MARC21 custom snap

MARC21 (MAchine-Readable Cataloging) standards are a set of digital formats for the description of items such as books developed in the 1960s. The latest MARC standard, MARC 21, was created in 1999 and added formats for authority records, holdings re...

hkaplan by Former Employee
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Workday Account Creation

Here are few steps on how to create a Workday Account for the Workday Read and Write Snaps. There are some important facts that you must know in order to create a Workday Account in SnapLogic. Here is a screenshot of the basic Workday Account Creatio...

Platform Upgrades and Snap Accounts with Refresh Tokens

Some accounts may have a fixed time for refresh tokens, such as Google accounts must be refreshed every hour. If that refresh needs to occur when the platform is down for an update, the refresh does not occur. To prevent these accounts from failing a...

dmiller by Admin
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Aggregate Snap example

This is an example to illustrate the Aggregate Snap with Functions like Sum, Count, Min, Max and Average. The 1st Snap generates the required input data like Name, Age, Dept, etc. The next Snap “Aggregate” is configured with functions like Sum of Age...

lkummari by Former Employee
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An XML Generator & XML Formatter Snaps example

Here’s an example illustrating the use case of the snaps XML Generator, XML formatter and File writer. The 1st snap “XML Generator” of the pipeline generates a document format data with the given xml input configured in the snap on “Edit XML *” in sn...

lkummari by Former Employee
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