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Is there a way to group snaps or put them in a container so I can control all of them at once?

New Contributor II

Alteryx allows you to group modules into a box so you can turn all of them on and off. This makes it really useful to test sections of the workflow. For example, if you want to make changes to one part of the workflow that doesn't need the data from other part of the workflow to let you know if it worked, you can turn the other sections off without taking the time to run everything. 



You can right click on a Snap to disable it and prevent data from heading further down the pipeline.

See Iterative Development of Pipelines Using Disabled Snaps in our documentation.

Diane Miller
Community Manager


Additionally, you can also use the Pipeline Execute snap to modularize your pipeline into logical segments.  You simply move sections of your snaps into a new pipeline and call the "child" pipeline with the Pipeline Execute snap.  By setting the Pipeline Execute "Snap Execution" property to "Execute Only" it will skip this call during pipeline validation.

By the way, Pipeline Execute is a massively powerful snap that enables code modularization, code re-use, multi-threading (including load balancing across execution nodes), record batching, execution of code segments on different snaplexes, and code-segment retries.  If you aren't familiar with this snap, I highly recommend looking through the documentation and examples.