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Resolved! Build json body- for POST request

How to build raw POST body using mapper? Need to achieve below { “conditions”: [ { “name”: “learningevent_id”, “operator”: “==”, “value”: “12345” } ] } I am able to achieve its missing [ ] Expression for mapper below

npise by New Contributor II
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Snowflake Select Snap

I am receiving the below error when I am querying Snowflake. I am not sure why first the CURRENT_SESSION() is being executed instead of a select * from table. Jar: snowflake-jdbc-3.12.1.jar JDBC Driver Class: net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver...

Not Getting Response From Workday Write

I am using the Workday write snap to create customer contracts in Workday. I am able to successfully create a customer contract in Workday, but I am not getting a response from the web service in SnapLogic. Is it possible to get a response using th...

wcl3y2 by New Contributor III
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Box Snap - Read file/folder properties

Hi, Current Box snaps does not allow to read file/folder properties like owner, created, udpated dates etc. Also when the folder is empty there is no way to get the folder path using folder id. Are there any enhancements coming for the Box snap pack ...

Snaplogic and Power Automate/MS Flows

Has anyone had any experience developing snaps that deal with either of the above? Any tips or ideas on how you’d get this working? I’m looking at putting a user in to a group after completing a Form and passing the data to Power Automate and then ou...

MDo by New Contributor
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Salesforce Bulk snap packs

Hi, Could you please tell me the difference between Salesforce Bulk Create snap vs. Salesforce Create snap with Bulk API mode configuration? I see one difference with account configuration, but not sure why it had to be a seperate snap? Regards, Srip...