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Salesforce Bulk Upsert Snap

New Contributor

Hi, I am facing issues with Salesforce Bulk Upsert Snap.

  • It isn’t recognizing the external ID field and

  • It also gives out an error - the number of fields in the header and the rows do not match

Could you please help me here?



Welcome Apoorva,

Can you provide more details?
What do you mean by it’s not recognizing the external ID field?

Diane Miller
Community Manager

New Contributor

Hi Diane,

It gives out an error – “invalidBatch : Field name not found”.
Like, if I am using this snap for Case object in Salesforce and certain field (e.g. testField) on Account object (a lookup on Case) is an externalID field, I am unable to use Account.testField in the snap.


Can you provide the screenshot of the pipeline and preferably the downloaded slb file if it does not contain sensitive data.

Did the examples provided in the Salesforce Bulk Upsert snap helpful to you:

New Contributor

I am sorry but I won’t be able to provide the file or the screenshot due to security concerns.
I did go through the documentation but am still not able to resolve the issue.