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Salesforce Lookup vs Read

New Contributor


I am designing a salesforce - salesforce flow (source and target systems are different) and have several steps in between where I need to fetch ids of dependent objects for mapping.

Salesforce Lookup snap serves the purpose but as per SnapLogic documentation, for every record an individual request will be sent. Is Salesforce Read snap (I will have to use Rest API) a better option? Will only one request be sent to salesforce for multiple input documents (ie, same object but different ids which will be used in where clause)? Wanted to understand which has a better performance for a data vol of 16k.

Thanks, V



Hi @vmaitra,

I think both options will perform the same as you plan to use Rest API. One difference between the Read and Lookup snaps is the first allows Pass through.

But you can also use the SOQL snap, writing a query to select the data you need and then join by the Id. It will outperform the previous two options if your query is well set up.


Contributor III

@vmaitra1 Yes you can use SOQL as mention @igormicev to avoid lookup and good performance. Another option I can think -if your lookup data set is static, you can use those data set as library from pipeline parameter. Should keep only minimal field and use expression like- lib.myDatasetArray.filter((value, key) => == $sfdc_id)[0].myReqField.