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Spaces in URL

New Contributor

I have a URL that generates a bunch of XML when you hit it. At the end of the URL, there are a whole bunch of parameters with spaces in them. For example:
?inputXml=<Envelope version="01.00"> <Sender>
When I copy and paste the URL into the REST Get Snap, it doesn’t work. But, if I put the URL in the browser, the browser encodes the spaces
And, if I copy and paste that into the REST Get Snap, it works. Is there an easier way to do that?



In the REST Get snap, the Service URL requires a valid URL, which can’t contain spaces – spaces and other special characters have to be encoded.

However, the section of the URL after the ? are called the query parameters. This substring consists of name=value pairs, separated by & characters. You can put that string at the end of the URL, but you have to encode the special characters if you do. Alternatively, the REST Get snap has a property table for the Query Parameters. If you enter name/value pairs in that table, they will be appended to the Service URL using the correct syntax, and encoding any special characters. For your example, you would put a query parameter row with name = inputXml and value = <Envelope version="01.00"> <Sender>. For the Service URL, you would remove everything starting at the question mark.

Hope that helps.