Blank pipe.ruuid returned from unbounded mapper

Hello All - In order to monitor our pipelines, I have placed a unbounded snap(mapper) at the start of the pipeline that “most of the time” returns the pipe.ruuid once the job kicks off. For some of our shorter jobs, I had to put a script at the start of the pipeline to act as a sleeper(10 seconds) so that we get the pipe.ruuid back before the pipeline ends so we can check the health of the pipeline. We are doing this because we are using a 3rd party scheduler to run the jobs and we have to be able to tell the scheduler if the job completed or failed or what not.

The issue we are having is…randomly, the pipe.ruuid is returning a blank value. So when I go to run against the Public API to check the state of the pipeline, it’s getting passes a blank pipe.ruuid and that give me a 404 error.

Is there a better way to retrieve the pipe.ruuid at the start of a job that will guarantee I won’t get a blank pipe.ruuid value, but instead the real pipe.ruuid value every time?

Thanks all!

Chris M

@chmurray88 I am not sure if I am getting your question correctly or not but If your pipeline get executed, it should have runtime id. I believe your third party scheduler call your pipeline by trigger task. If so, you can use a mapper (with runtime id)after completion of your business logic as success response flow (A) and for error scenario also you can union all error scenario and add fail mapper explicitly with runtime id(B) and then union A and B in your pipeline.

You can refer a simple pipeline attached here, this pipeline expect json data, if you pass json body it will give you runtime with success message else give you runtime id with error message.
responseFromErrorPipeline_15_2021_06_04.slp (6.3 KB)