Change certain values inside an Array


I have this json:

        "a": "Hello Word",
        "b": 1,
        "c": "some",
        "d": 10,
        "nested": [{
            "m": "hey",
            "o": 10,
            "p": "hello",
            "q": 100

I am trying to multiply each number field by 10 and the output structure needs to be the same.
So far I’ve managed to get it worked for an Object using: $.mapValues((value, key) => !isNaN(value) ? value * 10 : value) but I don’t really know how can I do that for Arrays.

Any tips?

Thank you!

Without giving you the answer outright :wink:, did you look at the function?

Also see the very bottom of this page for a similar example:

Yes but .map() function transforms every element from the Array, I only need to change the fields where there are numbers. Is there a way that I can use conditional logic inside of the .map() function?( if typeof value == ‘number’ then value * 10 else value

Absolutely - the expression in the map function can use ternary logic just like you have in your example updating the object elements.

Assuming an input array:

{ "myArray": [ "abc", 13, "def", 15 ] }

This works as I believe you are requesting:
$ => x instanceof Number ? x * 10 : x)

{ "updatedArray": [ "abc", 130, "def", 150 ] }

You are right, in this case it works but in my case I have an array of objects which I finally managed to work with this: jsonPath($, "$nested[*]").map(x => x.mapValues((value, key) => !isNaN(value) ? value * 10 : value))


"nested": [{"m": "hey", "o": 10, "p": "hello", "q": 100}]


"nested": [{"m": "hey", "o": 100, "p": "hello", "q": 1000}]

Thank you @koryknick for your guidance!

My pleasure @ionutbarna - glad you found your solution!

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