Checking if connections to endpoints is alive - Best approach

Hi snaplogic professionals,

i would like to ask you, what is the best approach for checking snaplogic connections to endpoints. Lets say, we have 30sftps, db connections and i would like to get notification if connection to any of these sftp or db connection is interrupted (change from working to not working) or vice versa. Pipeline will run every 10 mins and i dont want to recieve ever 10 minutes that connection is down (only first change from working to not working as well as first change from not working to connection works).

is it good approach to have lets say log file where will be key value pairs (sftp1 - active, sftp2-active … ) and if pipeline retrieve status false - pipeline will compare actual state with last one in LOG file and then will send an email? Or is there any chance to override pipeline parameter? Pipeline parameter will be true, if server is inactive - change pipeline parameter to false and send email?

or is there another posibility? thank you

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@SL12345 - Good question on design. I’m sure there are many ways to implement, and your idea to save the last state to a file will work well. If your environment has a database you could use, that would be another good option and has the potential to allow others to view the current connection state of your endpoints without having to find a file updated by your pipeline.

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