Download an attachment

I have a use case to download a zip file , which is coming as an attachment through trigger task.

can someone help me to download the file and store it in snaplogic database.

Thank you

Is the attachment being POSTed to the trigger task or is the task itself trying to download a file from somewhere?

It is posted to trigger task.

triggered task meaning via a REST POST?

Yes. Through Rest Post.

It would be helpful if you can provide some screenshots of your pipeline

If it’s POSTed in multipart form (if it’s coming from an HTML form, for example), you can use the MultipartReader snap to extract the file for writing to disk. If the data is coming in directly, without the multipart wrapping, you can use any binary snap as the head and leave the input view unlinked. So, you could have a FileWriter be the only snap in the pipeline.

Thank You All !!

I have done the same placing only file writer.