Download Pipeline

Hello All,

Can anyone suggest how to download the pipelines automatically?

What do you mean by download the pipline? The slp file of the pipeline? You can write a pipeline using the metadata Snaps to do that. What is your trigger, when do you want to do it?


I’m trying to build a pipeline to pass the project name as a parameter and download all pipelines’ slp files in that project folder.

below is the example of a pipeline which reads the list of the pipelines in a project and creates them in the specified org/project space/project.

basic metadata pipeline_2021_01_26.slp (8.0 KB)

@vineesha Thanks for your response.

We are looking to have version control for the pipelines. To do so, we want to download the pipelines into JSON files. I have built a sample pipeline where I can download the actual pipeline into a JSON file.
But when I make changes to the pipeline in Snaplogic and redownload it, the JSON file is not just capturing the changes made, and the order in the JSON file is changing.

Attached the Sample Pipeline [Test.slp], which I’m trying to download using the pipeline [Download.slp].
Please let me know if there is a better way to download the pipelines into JSON format without any ordering changes in the JSON file?

Read_2021_01_26.slp (4.9 KB)
Download_2021_01_26.slp (10.0 KB)

The order should not be relevant.

The graph will render correctly regardless of how the snaps and links appear in the slp file.