Error after the pipeline runs successfully

We are getting the below error after our pipeline runs successfully… I don’t see failures with any of the pipeline snaps, the failure message shows up in dashboard after the pipeline completes.

Encountered an error while streaming data to triggered task client
Reason: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine
Resolution: Make sure the task client consumes the entire response

not sure why this error is happening. the pipeline is triggered using a task through cloud url

How long does the pipeline take to run and does it have an open output view? For a cloud invocation, if the connection is idle for more than 15 minutes the connection will be cut and you’ll see an error like this. If you don’t need the output, close the unlinked output view (or cap it with another snap). If you do need the output, and can’t make output data come out at a regular rate, try invoking the pipeline on a Groundplex, there is no timeout in that case.