Error Pipeline Reuse

Without the new error pipeline configured on a pipeline we were using a Pipeline Execute snap to handle all error logging. That snap was set to “Reuse executions to process documents”. I don’t see this setting in the configuration of this feature. Does the new error pipeline feature reuse executions by default?

Good question. In my experience of using it, the reuse is not being set. Individual errors run as separate error pipelines, which can be seen in the dashboard.

That’s a good idea to look in Dashboard. I did and saw only one error pipeline under my execution with the sum of error docs in my pipeline as the count of docs in the error pipeline so I’m assuming it is being reused for any snap in the pipeline that errors or when there are multiple errors from one snap.

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Well - my pipelines any point of time had only one error. So, it is hard for me to say.

IF you observed it, then that is the behavior.

Yes, a single instance of the error pipeline is started when the parent pipeline is started and left running (i.e. reused) so that it can accept any error documents.

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