Get pipeline details for specfiied time

Hi All,

I have been trying to use this query : GET>

to get the pipeline summary for the specified time as per document of snaplogic, but i am not getting the results for the same.

Ex: mine here)?start=01/01/2019&end=>01/12/2019

Error code what i recived is : Illegal character in query at index 88:

Below is the link of the article,

Out of 3, rest 2 scenarios are working fine apart from this ,

Return the status of executed pipelines for the specified time within the org orgname .

Please provide me your inputs.

The start and end parameters have to be timestamps as longs since the epoch, not formatted strings. You have to change your query to something like this:

Hey Akelpe,

Thanks alot! It works like magic , I would want to know, if you tried doing the page indentation to capture of all the pipelines for the defined timestamp, because I tried doing that but I am getting two rows that is for last one hour fetch and for the timestamp specified, and hence I’m unable to capture all the pipelines for the timestamp specified.

Let me know what you think about it

You have to work with the offset parameter to get them all. Fetch 1000 at a time and then keep fetching until you do not get any more.

In the future you can use the ‘Runtime Archive’ feature in the Manager tab under Project spaces to download the files to slfs directly, which is how you will want to access a bulk number of runtimes. This is a new feature and that will start having your runtimes from around January 1st onward.