How exactly do you pass parameters into a Pipeline Execute?

The docs for Pipeline Execute say this about the input view:

Documents or binary data received on this view are sent to the child execution if the child Pipeline has an unlinked input view. The document or binary data can be used to specify Pipeline parameters for the child execution.

My question is “how exactly does this work”?

I would like to read some parameters out of an Excel file stored in Box and send those to a Child Pipeline that will read the files that this Excel file specifies.

In this case I want to read in test1.csv and test2.csv from this directory, and have this controlled from the parameters set in the Excel file.


Here are my parameters in the Excel file:


They are read into my Parent Pipeline as expected:

I then call Pipeline Execute (w/Reuse Executions ON as I only want this Pipeline executed once) sending it the output of the Excel Parser. This Pipeline gets a directory listing from the specified folder, filters them based on the specified match string, then reads the file from Box using another Pipeline Execute:

I can see in the Parent Pipeline where I would connect the Input Schema into the Parameters, but I’m not sure how to get it to read the value properly.


How can I get these parameter values from my Excel file into the Pipeline Execute?

I changed the format of the Excel file around to look like this:


Then I set up the Pipeline Execute like this:


Which gave me the desired output from the Pipeline Execute:

For what it’s worth, the first file had rows with ABC, DEF, and GHI. The second file had rows with JKL, MNO, and PQR. Here’s the final output of the CSV Parser:


I’m sure other users wanting to do this would find it helpful to have a note about this in the Pipeline Execute documentation.

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