Join two input streams with Join Snap with pipeline parameters

I’m new to snaplogic still trying to learn the basics! I’m getting an error as “Failure: Failed to perform join operation, Reason: Not comparable objects: LinkedHashMap, Resolution: Please address the reported issue.” while validation itself when trying to join two inputs based on the pipeline parameter using Join Snap. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Amrita,
it seems like you are trying to join values which are in array format.
Can you share sample screenshot what input you are trying to pass to join.

@Amrita You are trying to join two data set by array which can’t be done.
Looks like you have to use json splitter snap to split array of column name and Column name target field at both input views then use mapper(optional) to select the join id along with other data. If you want to sort by id then use sort snap after mapper, if not make sure you choose unsorted option in join snap.