Make same change to multiple ‘Pipeline Execute’ snaps

Hi everybody,

I want to make a blanket setting on the ‘Execute On’ option in all ‘Pipeline Execute’ snaps across many pipelines.
Is there a way to make the change in one place so it can be reflected in all the existing snaps? Or should I open every snap to make the change… is that the only way?

I also want to deselect the ‘=’ symbol for ‘Snaplex Path’ setting across all these snaps

Please suggest. Any help will be much appreciated…

Hi @avellank,

I am not sure about changing the settings at once and reflecting accross all the pipelines.

But we can achieve it through snaplogic metadata snaps. Following are the steps.

  1. Create a pipeline which reads the metadata of the provided pipeline path and change the settings of PE snap and update the pipeline metadata using the pipeline path.

  2. Create a pipeline which gets the list of the pipelines in a project using Snaplogic List snap and call the above pipeline using PE snap and pass the pipeline paths.

Anil Kumar