Mapper Snap - Combine Data sets at Root level

Hello everyone,

I’ve been having a problem which i can’t really pinpoint:
I want to combine two data sets at root level instead of having to put in an intermediate top element.

Here is a working example:
The target_currency_id of the mappedOutput will replace the target_currency_id of the original input when put together into the entry element:

However when i try to combine these at document root level, the MappedOutput seems to be ignored entirely:

Does anyone have an idea why this behaves as it does?

Thanks and best regards

@Henchway, I can’t explain the “why” in your above question, but I think I can help you to a solution. Try the following expression and map to $:


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Thank you very much, that does the trick.
Still wondering why exactly this issue occurs, but at least now i’m walking in solution-land.

Best regards