Prefixing/Suffixing multiple Input Schema in Mapping table expressions (i.e. Target Path) under a mapper snap

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Can we prefix/suffix multiple field names in mapping table expressions under mapper snap in a single shot?

As per the above screenshot, I can either:

  1. Select All as is
  2. Manually select required field names, do necessary transformations (if any) and then save it with a same or a different name in target path

Let’s assume I have n (where n>=10) snowflake tables to read and eventually I would be joining them, each table is having 300+ columns and I need to prefix/suffix those column names in my snapLogic pipeline ONLY with something through which I can distinguish each field name.

Is it possible to do that inside a mapper snap? I’m fine to use the same field name as Input Schema but the only addition would be a prefix/suffix text and that to saving manual efforts on 300+ columns for n different tables I read.

Screenshot below on how I would want each field name to appear with reduced manual efforts (it could be either of prefix or suffix, I’m not looking for a combination at this point of time)

P.S.: If there is any other snap than mapper that does the job for me, I would appreciate the help and leads.

Thanking in advance.

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Remapping all field names can be done using the Object.mapKeys() method. For example:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @koryknick for the solution. It worked!
I was also able to play around with that and found a way to suffix as well as use a combination of both suffix and prefix.

Prefix: $.mapKeys((elem,key) => "sfdc_"+key)

Suffix: $.mapKeys((elem,key) => key + "_DT")

Combination of prefix and suffix: $.mapKeys((elem1,key,elem) => "SL_" + key + "_DT")

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

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The format of .mapKeys is very vital as I tried the below formats and it completely changed what I wanted to achieve:

$.mapKeys((key,elem) => key+"_sfdc")
$.mapKeys((key,elem) => "sfdc_"+key)