Read Access key from Azure Key vault


Is there any way to connect to Azure key vault and read access key information from there? I have requirement to that keys are going to be roated frequently and keys are going to be stored in Azure key vault. So I wanted to read recent access key for connecting to Azure storage.


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Hello Gowdhaman,

You can follow the below steps.

  1. Create a Rest OAuth2 Account with the Client ID and Secret and check the Header Authenticated Check Box. Mention your tenant OAuth2 End point and config details.

  2. Grant Type - client_credentials.

  3. Token endpoint Config:


  1. Authorize the Account. It will redirect and once authorized you can check the Auto-refresh token as well.

  2. Enable / check - Send Client Data As Basic Auth Header.

  3. Use the REST Get snap to get the password from Azure Key Vault by providing the URL and account created above.

Thank You.