Salesforce - Output field limit

We have a use case to pull all fields from wide objects in Salesforce. I keep running into “field limit” errors: image.
Does anyone have any logic or best practice for pulling in all fields from wide Salesforce objects?

Are you using the “Salesforce Read” and/or “Salesforce SOQL” snap to query wide objects in Salesforce? If yes, internally the read operation would be translated to a SOQL query equivalent for which there is a character count limitation from Salesforce (currently it is 20000 characters) and is documented here:


If there is a need to query a wide Salesforce object which in turn causes the SOQL query translation/equivalent to exceed the query character count threshold, it would be best to leverage the “Output field limit” and “Output field offset” properties available on the “Salesforce Read” snap.


For example:
Modify a pipeline using a single “Salesforce Read” snap querying a wide object into ‘N’ number of “Salesforce Read” snaps and specify the required limit/offset by ensuring that the equivalent SOQL query will be within the maximum allowed character limit. Document streams from the above branches can then be Union’d and/or Joined for downstream processing.

Thank you @sriram, that’s very helpful. I would want to capture all this recursively via a pipeline, but I don’t necessarily know how many columns on any given object I have to tackle. As a bonus question :slight_smile:, do you know of a way to determine the column count from a Salesforce object? (My Google searches keep leading me to APEX code)

Looks like Salesforce does not expose a SOQL query-like capability to determine field count for an object, besides letting users do it in programmatic way that you have come across already. To handle this limitation / situation where in we are unable to determine the number of fields non-programatically, it would best to break the pipeline to include multiple “Salesforce Read” snaps (with Output field / Output field offset specified) to ensure that the query is well within the 20,000 character count threshold.