Scheduled task not getting triggered as scheduled

I have the scheduled task, which is scheduled to run every 1 minute. But I see it is getting started with the delay of 5 minutes or more. The pipeline which is getting started from the task, executes for less than 30 sec.


A new snapplex based scheduler is being rolled out. I will reach out to you as soon as the new updates are in place. Please email me if you have any further guestions.

I recommend you not to schedule the pipelines within 5 mins. Because each time the scheduled tasks starts running, it goes to Prepared state which all depend on the node availability in the Snaplex.

We also have this problem. @Dhivya_Aroma1 Why is it not recommended to have scheduling shorter than 5 min intervals? If the Snaplex is available, there shouldn’t be any reasons for why the integration won’t run.

The new Snaplex-based scheduling delegates the responsibility for scheduling frequently executed (<5m) pipelines to the Snaplex itself. If you are experiencing challenges with frequently executed tasks, then do contact your SnapLogic team to ask for this feature to be enabled on your org.

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