Snaplogic Netsuite - Search snap

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to obtain the data from already existing Netsuite saved search that contains only Currency Revaluation type of transaction. Sadly when I run the pipeline I got zero results while on NS side I’ve got dozens (I narrow the result to only one accounting period), it seems this type of transaction is not available in the snap as a separate category or under Transactions.

Does anyone know how to obtain currency revaluation transactions via snaplogic ? I really don’t want to struggle with SOAP execute snap as I’m not that good with coding.

Just for the record, I did try all the available combinations of NS Search, meaning with or without the flag on:

  • Body Fields Only,
  • Advanced,
  • Return Search Columns.

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Hi Jarek,

I’m not familiar with this transaction type and am struggling to even find it in the NetSuite WSDL, the NetSuite Schema Browser, the NetSuite UI for creating Saved Searches, etc. Can you please provide some more specifics about how your Saved Search is configured in the NetSuite UI and what the output of that search looks like? Perhaps a couple of screenshots would be best. Thanks.

The closest type I can find is an InventoryCostRevaluation. Is that the same thing?

It’s possible that this type is not supported by NetSuite’s SOAP API, SuiteTalk. Check out the page in their documentation titled “SOAP Web Services Supported Records”. The closest type is an Inventory Cost Revaluation, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the same thing.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for investigating the issue. As a matter of fact the Currency Revaluation is among the list of SuiteTalk Web Services (page 365 and 370 of latest SuiteTalk)


Additionally I’m enclosing the print screen from NS saved searches (brand new one, not the one I used for the snaplogic)

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Can you please give me a full URL of the SuiteTalk document you’re referring to?

The one I’m looking at doesn’t have any mention of Currency Revaluation:

I also can’t find it in the 2019.1 WSDL or the 2019.1 Schema Browser, both linked to from this page:

Hi Patrick,

My bad, I was referring to the older version. In the very document that you provided me with (latest) there is this one information that solves the issue - currency revaluation is not available on WSDL (print screen enclosed)

My apologies for bothering you and thank you for the support.

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