SnapLogic REST Endpoint to get pipeline runtime details using ruuid

Hello all,

I am using SnapLogic’s REST Endpoint
to access one of our pipeline’s runtime details using the pipeline’s ruuid.
Our objective is to get the pipeline logs, write those in our sql db process log table and email the log in case we hit an error and the pipeline fails.
It has been running successfully so far. Is there a way to know if the endpoint is changed or if there are any other changes due to which the existing pipeline could break?
Also, is this a good practice or is there a better way to achieve this?

When you say it has been running successfully so far > has it returned an error or do you see any changes in the data captured at the endpoint. You can try validating the account and see if any changes caused this behavior.

There is another way to get the logs from the snaplex using LogAPI

If you are trying to read only failed runtimes it would be simpler and use the runtime API based on state of the pipeline. You are using this anyway.

Thanks for the quick reply! I should have worded my question better, I wanted to know if the endpoint changes in future, is there a way to be notified about it or it won’t?
I’ll use the log API from now.

We’ve tried to keep all public api’s stable and if there is a change that breaks a consumer of the API, then I’d consider that a bug that should be fixed. If there was a backwards incompatible change, then we’d probably add a new endpoint or bump the version number, /api/2/rest/public/runtime, for the endpoint.

If you have any ideas how we could build better auditing/governance into our platform, feel free to share them in the enhancement requests section for discussion.

Awesome. The API works fine for our use-case and it is great to know there is support in case anything breaks. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate your quick response. :slight_smile:

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Can you post your pipeline or a screenshot? I’m looking at implementing the same function.

Resolve Log_2019_06_14.slp (16.9 KB)