Transpose Table data to XML format

Input data(4 rows):
Employee ID Type EmployeeID Address ID Address
Employee_ID A001 1 test1
Employee_ID A001 2 test2
Employee_ID A002 1 test3
Employee_ID A002 2 test4

Output data(2 rows):
<bsvc:Worker_Reference bsvc:Descriptor="">
<bsvc:ID bsvc:type=“Employee_ID”> A001</bsvc:ID>
<bsvc: Address>test1</ bsvc:Address>
<bsvc: Address>test2</ bsvc:Address>
<bsvc:Worker_Reference bsvc:Descriptor="">
<bsvc:ID bsvc:type=“Employee_ID”> A002</bsvc:ID>
<bsvc: Address>test3</ bsvc:Address>
<bsvc: Address>test4</ bsvc:Address>

How to put above data(4 rows) to 2 group of data and use workday write/soap execute to load the data?

There is a group by snap that will allow you to combine the multiple documents into a single document.

It is not quite the same, but does this example of a group by help you?

I’m less familiar how the workday snaps work, but is that enough to get you started? Here’s an example of doing a Workday Write I found searching the forum.