Triggered Task execution details

Hello Experts,

Can someone help me to understand about triggered task execution.
For eg:-
User1 created one triggered task and share the triggered task URL to User2 for execution.
So User1 is task owner.
When user2 hit the triggered URL,then in dashboad User2 name should come right ?instead of User1 name.

if Username is showing owner information in dashboard then how to get User2 details,because task is executed by User2 not User1 of Same org.

You are correct – when the pipeline executes, it executes with the permissions of the task owner even if another user triggers it. So in the dashboard, it shows the task owner rather than the user who triggers it because that’s really the user who is executing the pipeline.

A triggered task can be authorized by using a username/password or a bearer token. When the task is triggered, the method of authorization is recorded. In the case of a username/password, it would store the username. So in your example it would show user2 there.

I don’t see that detail exposed anywhere in the UI. Let me ask around or see if an enhancement should be filed.

Thanks @tlikarish for response. we are looking for user2 information.

Sounds like this isn’t exposed in the UI yet. I’ll work on getting an enhancement filed for this feature.