What are the rules around sharing stuff

I’ve created an account in the top most share folder i.e. project spaces.shared, but my pipeline didn’t appear to do anything even though it succeeded as indicated by being green.

I moved the account to the project shared folder i…e. myproject.shared and the pipeline succeeded and worked this time.

What are the rules around sharing objects i.e. accounts, XSD’s etc. between/across projects?

Any help much appreciated.

Items in the global shared directory (project space shared) should be accessible to all other projects.

Ok then this doesn’t appear to be the case for us, so we must be special :wink:

Do users have any permissions other than Full Access on the Global shared?

Remember there are two types of shared projects, one under each user defined project space and the org shared project
Shared projects “under” project spaces will only be available to users who are granted explicit rights to that project space.
The org shared project is the only one that is “globally” available is the shared project at the org level. All users a.k.a., members of the org will have access to the org shared project.
Another thing to check is the make sure ALL pipeline dependencies or resources are moved and available as well.
Accounts, files, task execute pipelines etc also need to be moved when you move a pipeline.