When I am trying to download a zip file , I am getting is not archive file invalid zip file when creating a zip file and writing it

I have created a pipeline and a trigger task (file writer) in the same project. But when I am trying to send the zip file using file writer / zip file writer snap in that api using REST PUT It is reflecting in manager and when I download it , it’s get downloaded successfully but while trying to open the file it is giving me the below error,I have pasted error while reading the zip file using zip file read but when i use file read using the same file it doesn’t give me any error:zipfilereaderror

Is not archive
Invalid zip file./The compressed zip file is invalid.

Hi @deepanshu.1,

Not sure how you’re sending the file, but if you are not sending from SLDB, you need more tinkering to do, because you need to send the metadata along the actual file. But if you’re sending from SLDB, it is simple, just make sure you take the path from the File Writer, and pass it to the “Upload file” field of the Rest PUT snap.


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Thanks Bojan. I’ll try with this method as well.