Xml, xslt & xsd validation

I have a question about how the xml / xsd / xslt works in SnapLogic

Right now, we are trying to produce an XML file in a very specific format using

  • XML formatter
  • XSLT

xml xslt

When producing the file without the xsd validation, we get an xml file that passes the validation against our xsd without any problem in our validation software.

When producing the file requesting for the XSD validation in the XSLT, we get the following error message
Error validating xml - cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element ‘root’. - Error occurred while validating the XML

Could someone help me understand how we can validate an XML against XSD in SnapLogic ?

Thanks a lot for your help

I’m doing this same pattern, happy to help if I can. I’m using an outbound schema and including a root element. I guess I’d need more info on the input JSON and the XSD to help figure out the specific problem though. Are you specifying a root element at all? Is it actually in the XSD?