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SSL Certificate Mismatch on server

I’m working on building out some new deployments of Snaplogic hosts and I am experiencing very strange SSL Certificate Mismatch errors. An example error: Unable to connect to neighbor after 15076875ns: https://ip-10-16-9-21:8081","exc":"

jamesv by New Contributor II
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Ultra pipeline response time

Hi everyone, I’m testing the Ultra feature performance and I’m finding a results that are not so satisfying. Using the new release 4.22 and even the old release 4.21 (including the patches): Simple pipeline containing only JSON Generator snap with t...

How to append filename with element from json?

Hi, i`m trying the example pipeline named “test_JSON_Formatter” Json generator → Mapper → Json Formater → File Writer in Mapper i have: Expression: _p_run_id.length != 0 ? $PAYLOAD.interface_id : $interface_id Target path : $interface_id in Json Form...

2020 by New Contributor II
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REST POST - setting up certificates

Dear Community, I´m new in the SnapLogic world, so I need some help… In order to send a payload to Deutsche Bank via API, I need to understand how to store certificates for authentication within SnapLogic. There are two certificates which need to be ...

neje1001 by New Contributor
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New IP addresses - Control Plane

Post 4.22, we will be increasing the availability of our Intelligent Integration Platform. Hence we will be adding new IP addresses. Depending on your security requirements, you may need to update your application whitelisting to allow these IPs. Fa...

dmiller by Admin
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New Category: Who's Hiring

For those who requested a job board within the SnapLogic Community, you can now find the category Who’s Hiring at the bottom of the home page. Please abide by the guidelines within that category when posting a job opening. You are responsible for rem...

dmiller by Admin
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About the Who's Hiring category

Looking to expand your SnapLogic integrator team? Is it a time for change and you want to use your SnapLogic skills? The “Who’s Hiring” category is the place for you. If you’re interested in posting information about a position requiring or preferrin...

dmiller by Admin
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