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Edit account using API?

I need a way to edit an account programatically using API. In our case, the end-user uses our application to enter the credentials for a data source (e.g. google drive, SFTP etc). I would then like to edit the corresponding account in Snaplogic with ...

aprabhav by New Contributor III
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How to add a property name to my incoming Array

How to I add a property name to my incoming array: Looks this way: [{ “fileName”: “Invoice.pdf”, “filePath”: “\\Server01\FileFolder\12575\773016951\6b83566e-0908-42f9-9bbe-9adefb296633” }, { “fileName”: “Invoice2.pdf”, “filePath”: “\\Server01\FileFo...

bcole by New Contributor
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Expression in mapper

how to write below expression in snaplogic least( IIF(ISNULL(LINEAR_PREMR_DATE),to_Date(‘01/01/4000’,‘mm/dd/yyyy’),LINEAR_PREMR_DATE), IIF(ISNULL(GO_PREMR_DATE),to_Date(‘01/01/4000’,‘mm/dd/yyyy’),GO_PREMR_DATE), IIF(ISNULL(VOD_PREMR_DATE),to_Date(‘01...

Resolved! Trim last lines in csv file

Team, I have a log file in csv format. But the log file contains status information in first 5 lines and last 3 lines. I can skip the first 5 lines using Skip lines* property in csv parser. But I could not remove the last 3 lines. And I am getting er...

Ignore the null in array

hi there, I have to map an array object as in the screenshot below. I have 2 records in that array. one is coming in as null and the other has value as in the below screenshot. how can I ignore the one that’s null and map the one with value? as it ...

manohar by Contributor
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