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Resolved! Comma Separated String into Rows

  Hello,    I have a requirement where a text with "," delimiter has to be generated into rows.  For Example a string or text  $src_name = "AMK, ACK, AGK, ABK" should be generated as following rows. The output should be separate rows as below. AMK AC...

Resolved! Route object value from a list of values

Hello,  I have a Snowflake select Snap that outputs values of "ABC", "AEC", "ANC", "ABK", "AMT", "AGT". I have the output stored in a mapper variable called "src_name". In the next Router Snap, I have 2 outputs that routes based on  the below conditi...

Status codes in MySQL - Execute snap

Hello Team, Need your help in understanding the meaning of different status codes received in the MySQL - Execute snap’s output. We had a scenario where we were trying to insert multiple records into MySQL DB and we have noticed a strange response re...

Resolved! Invalid Snap Output

Please I am trying to understand the behavior and difference between these two snap set-ups. Any explanation will be appreciated. What exactly is the function of the tail snap? Thanks.

omiaye by New Contributor
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Performing an Action when there is no data

A common integration pattern is to do something when no data is received. For example, we might read a file, parse it, and find that no records meet some filter criteria. As a result, we might send an email, or insert a ticket into a ticket managemen...

ncrouch by Former Employee
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In XML Document how to replace \\ by \

Hi,The Input data is in XML format, There are multiple array and inside that in some of field contains double slash and need to replace it with single , we tried to build json expression like below in mapper:Can anyone help with this.if anyone have a...

sshaikh by New Contributor
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