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Difference between 2 dates

Hi,I have 2 dates, which are of localdatetime.Date1 - 2023-08-13T14:17:00.000Date2 - 2023-08-23T05:00:00.000I am using the below expression find the difference between them, and i am getting value as 9.6131944444 expecting the value to be 10. Timesta...

kumar25 by New Contributor II
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How to give multiple key columns in join?

I have multiple tables and I need to join them all with different key columns by using the join snap, but it is resulting in the following error:-Failure: Right join path not found for input2, Reason: Right join path required, Resolution: Please addr...

Pretty by New Contributor III
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JSON output nested in array

Good evening,I have an array of elements that I'd like to output as JSON: [{...},{...},{...}]In order to nest this array under a JSON property, I utilize the "Group by N" snap, which results in my data looking like this: { "randomKey": [{...},{.....

mccoleman by New Contributor
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