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Faster PostgreSQL Bulk Loads available

We are pleased to announce that ‘latest’ has an updated PostgreSQL bulk load snap with significantly better performance. We’re routinely seeing 3x performance in our tests but your mileage may vary. This is mostly drop-and-go but there is a small dif...

bgiles by Former Employee
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Extra characters inserted in DB when using Bulk Loader

We have a pipeline with a SQL bulk upload snap in it. Here is our input: ID: 1 JSON : {"address: 1234 no where”} We insert several hundred of these into a SQL DB into a table with ID,JSON Create SQL: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[test_json_inc]( [id] [bigint] ...

pleblond by New Contributor
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Get Json output from Mapper snap

Hi, I am trying to get the output of the Mapper in my custom snap. How should I write the code in my custom snap to get the Json object from the Mapper?

JiWon by New Contributor II
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Dependency Injection

Hello guys i want to ask if someone knows to explain how DI works in SnapLogic. For example i want to set one object in one component and after that to be able to inject and use it in other components i have tried with DependencyManager but i was not...

imilan by New Contributor
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Parquet Reader for S3

I have an AWS S3 Acccount that uses an Access-key ID and Secret key. I’m able to pull directory information and read a .csv file using the S3 Reader snap with this account. When I try to use the same account for the Parquet Reader, I get an error say...

Error List type cannot find data

Getting following error message when running the Snap (no errors thrown when validating) , and resolution is very generic (also I am new to snaplogic) Error message Expression worked for 739 previous documents, but failed on document #740 with the er...

kgor by New Contributor
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