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SAP Table Read in Snaplogic

Dears,Please guide how to extract data from standard ECC table using snaplogic?.Which snap needs to be used from below list: 

ardurai by New Contributor
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Maven Install Authentication Error

Hello. Trying to do some development and cant seem to get out of the gates. I have tried this on multiple networks so it does not appear to be network related. When run “mvn clean install” in my newly created workspace, after successfully running “mv...

ronmwhite by New Contributor II
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XML Generator removing elements that should be left intact

Hello, I'm trying to send some XML to a REST endpoint, but it looks like the XML Generator is removing any element that is empty. For example:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <rootTest> <foo>bar</foo> <innerTest></innerTest> <second...

Frijoles by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Add fields dynamically in Encrypt field snap

Hi Team,The community is amazing and very helpful. Kudos to everyone behind it.I'm working on encrypting certain fields(PII) coming from SFDC sources and using encrypt field snap for the same. For that I'm having to add the fields manually in the sna...


List properties of a Snap

I'm trying to build and debug my POC and I'm not 100% with what snaps have what properties and what kind of things I can work with. So it would be very helpful if there was a way to see what properties a Snap has after running it. For example I have ...

rriley99 by New Contributor III
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Unstable snaplogic to sftp server connections

Hi Team, We had been observing in our multiple projects that snaplogic suddenly fails to connect to any sftp server to read file and start throwing error “Unable to create filesystem object for sftp” may be for hour or two and then again start workin...

Rest GET Pagination Issue

I am trying to read documents for REST GET snap and for specific ID i am having 918 records and I am only able to access starting 100 record and am not able to traverse next records. Sample response: HAS NEXT and NEXT URL :$entity.pageInfo.totalCount...

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