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OpenAir Read Datetime filter

Does anyone know how to pass the datetime value to a OpenAir Read Snap? I’m trying to pass the datetime range value to OpenAir Read snap (for example 2019-01-01 >= $Timesheet.end) and only return records based on the date range.

tmametja by New Contributor
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Head/Tail snap dynamically setting Offset value

Hello, I am working on loading data from big excel file into a database. I want to use Head/Tail snaps to dynamically take “Documents offset*” from upstream. Please suggest if there is an alternative to this approach. Thanks, Mithila

mithsrini by New Contributor II
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Process() method does not run

Hi experts, I need your help to figure out whats wrong with my custom snap. I have a custom snap which extends Simplesnap. When I tried to log, I could see that the process() method is not being called. Can someone explain to me why?

JiWon by New Contributor II
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Need help with XML data extraction/XML parser

Hello Everyone, I am trying to extract data from a specific xml tags for that I have used XML parser and split field in the snap but for some reason it’s not resulting in any output. I have followed the documentation on the site - https://docs-snaplo...

Anendu by New Contributor II
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Salesforce Bulk Upsert Snap

Hi, I am facing issues with Salesforce Bulk Upsert Snap. It isn’t recognizing the external ID field and It also gives out an error - the number of fields in the header and the rows do not match Could you please help me here?

Resolved! Build json body- for POST request

How to build raw POST body using mapper? Need to achieve below { “conditions”: [ { “name”: “learningevent_id”, “operator”: “==”, “value”: “12345” } ] } I am able to achieve its missing [ ] Expression for mapper below

npise by New Contributor II
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Snowflake Select Snap

I am receiving the below error when I am querying Snowflake. I am not sure why first the CURRENT_SESSION() is being executed instead of a select * from table. Jar: snowflake-jdbc-3.12.1.jar JDBC Driver Class: net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver...