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Connecting to DocumentDB in AWS with shared .pem

New Contributor

Hello, I am trying to create a MongoDB account to connect to DocumentDB in aws. AWS supplied a shared .pem for RDS instances ( , but I am not sure how to use that with AWS secrets to create the account. There are fields to KeyStore and TrustStore, so I presume I need to convert the .pem to a different format. In past experience those stores are installed on the node(s) doing the connecting, how would I manage that in a CloudPlex?Is there any guidance on how to proceed?




New Contributor III

Were you able to get a connection to DocumentDB working? I seem to be running into this error:

Query failed with error code 303 and error message ‘Field ‘noCursorTimeout’ is currently not supported’ on server…

Seems that SnapLogic makes the connection with that setting and it’s not supported in DocumentDB.

New Contributor

No actually…we went with a different direction (Kafka connect). That was not a result of this issue, we just switched prior to resolving it.