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Unable to connect to my Redshift account

New Contributor

I’m unable to connect to my Redshift account to access the DB. Error message as below.

Failed to validate account: Failed to retrieve a database connection. Cause: Connection attempt timed out. (Reason: Connection attempt timed out.; Resolution: Address the reported issue.)


Former Employee

If you are trying to connect from a SnapLogic Cloudplex, or even a Groundplex running in your own domain, you may need to whitelist the IP addresses of the Snaplex nodes on the RedShift configuration. If it is a Cloudplex, the details are listed in the Snaplex administration section of the documentation:
Let us know if this helps.

Thanks Craig,
We’ve double checked our Whitelist IPs. Think we are ok there. We are looking into possible further firewall blocks from our Private VPC here?