Collecting Error Data

Submitted by @stodoroska from Interworks

The pipeline Error.Routine is collecting the error data and depending on the Error.Log parameters, these errors are logged into SQL Server database table and/or JSON file is created at some FTP location.

Error.Routine Pipeline


Error.Log Pipeline



Parameters are configured for the parent and child pipelines. If the parameter used in the Filter Snap is set to logEnabled==‘true’, we are logging the error data, but if the parameter is logEnabled==‘false’, we are not processing further error data.

Sources: Error data that is coming from Snap error view
Targets: SQL Server table and/or a JSON file in File share system; email
Snaps used: REST Get, Filter, Mapper, Pipeline execute, Router, SQL Server execute, JSON Formatter, File writer, Union, E-mail sender


Error.Routine.slp (7.3 KB)
Error.Log.slp (14.9 KB)

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