Conditional Execution of Snaps

I’ve got a pipeline where I would like to execute a series of snaps based on the results of a Router snap evaluation. One of the steps in that part of the pipeline is to compare the id fields of both the source and target data sources to see which records are missing from the target data set. I’m doing this by joining the datasets and if there are missing records, I’m using the “Unmatched data to error view” option on the Join snap to send those records to a file.

Problem is, when the record counts tie out, the router routes the pipeline to the correct path, but the snap that is calling the second dataset in the Join snap still gets executed, resulting in the the Join snap from the other Router branch to get executed, resulting in false positives being written by the file snap.

Is there a way to not have that second data source snap fire unless the router path it is on is being chosen?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi @rchung,

If you could please share the Router Snap Settings configuration, or even share the pipeline “sanitized” of sensitive data with us, we would be better able to see the exact nature of the issue you are having, and propose a solution.



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