Convert Nested Json file to Excel

I’m working on a requirement to convert Nested Json file to .xls format, but facing some bottlenecks in getting required output. The output shows list of values in cells instead of breaking into multiple rows.Would someone be able to help me out here ?

Usecase1 input.txt (2.1 KB)
currentoutput.xlsx (17.4 KB)

I have attached both Input and pipeline files here. Please assist


Have you tried the JSON Splitter snap? Based on your input file, you are probably wanting to split $transcript.lines[*].

Yes, along with Transcript, i would need to split all levels inside the file.
For each level of split, i’m forced to use multiple JSON Splitter. Attaching the full version of file along with pipeline that i created. Could you please help me out with the steps to read this JSON file and write output to Excel format.

Test-Full_2018_09_08.slp (25.9 KB)
Arno_Sample1.txt (1.9 MB)