Converting JSON to HTML Table for Email Snap

Hello. Let’s say I have JSON like the following:

“OwnerName”: “Mike Waltz”,
“OwnerEmail”: "",
“LeadName”: “John Doe”,
“LastModifiedDate”: “2017-10-05T13:43:39.000+0000”
“OwnerName”: “Mike Waltz”,
“OwnerEmail”: "",
“LeadName”: “Jane Smith”,
“LastModifiedDate”: “2017-10-05T18:32:46.000+0000”

How can I convert that into an HTML table to send in an email via the Email Sender Snap? Example is from an online source that does it to get the desired output from the JSON from this URL:

In it’s simplest form, you can do something like this:

With HTML table selected, the payload specified by the Table-data path is injected inside the <table></table> elements. You can add CSS to pretty it up as needed.

@del this is FANTASTIC. Works like a charm thank you for the insight.

Hi Del. In this example it seems that its still only sending to 1 single email address even though I have the $groupBy.OwnerEmail in the TO variable of the email snap. I have it broken out into 2 groups and confirm that via the JSON i see multiple groupBy’s with emails yet its only sending one this way. Any ideas?

actually i believe its the “Batch Size” attribute that fixes this. When i change it from 100 to 1 it seems to behave the way I expect.